Do you desire a drug packaging system that offers an efficient, accurate, and effortless med-pass?


Our unique drug packaging system is designed with your needs in mind. This proven packaging system has been shown to reduce med-pass errors while saving your nursing staff valuable time. Combine this packaging system with our QuickMAR eMAR service for a remarkably efficient medpass.

  • Date-specific slotting ensures compliance
  • State of the art labels are easy to read and make reordering a breeze
  • Large numbers and tamper evident seal simplify narcotic monitoring
  • Time-specific color coded cards are also available

Medication Carts

  • Medication carts are customized to your facility’s specific needs and are provided free of charge

Other services

  • We off a complete selection of fully customizable forms and records to help satisfy all of your documentation needs (MARS, TARS, POS)
  • Free eMARS (electronic-MAR): We are proud to offer EMARS from QuickMAR and Accuflo. This includes Free med carts, mounting hardware, computers, and software. See our eMAR page for more information!
  • Multiple daily deliveries, by our own staff drivers, ensure timely administration of ordered medications
  • Chart reviews conducted by our geriatric pharmacists to reduce unnecessary medications, side-effects, and costs
  • Full service med exchange saves you time and money