Cost Containment Strategies

  • Save money before dispensing with our Drug Regimen Review
  • Save money during dispensing with our Therapeutic Interchange Program
  • Save money after dispensing with our Geriatric Consultants and RxPertise Reports

Cut cost not care with Generic Utilization

  • Our generic dispensing exceeds 80%.  Additionally, with brand patents expiring at record rates, that number will continue to increase
  • Savings on generics vs. brand average $75 per prescription, per month
  • With our high generic utilization your average price per prescription drops substantially

Medication Management: With short cycle dispensing creeping up, are you ready?

  • Our short-cycle dispensing system saves your facility money by reducing wasted medication
  • Easy to use system decreases med-pass time and mitigates errors

Drug Regimen Review

  • We actively pursue lower cost alternatives prior to dispensing
  • Prevent costly misadventures before they happen
    • Reduce hospitalizations and ambulance fees
    • Reduce expensive secondary treatments (bed sores, infections, falls and fractures)
  • Consultants actively pursue cut dates, dosage reductions, unnecessary medication, and lower-cost alternatives

Custom-Tailored Formularies

  • Our consultants confer with your physicians and nurses to assure medically appropriate and cost-effective treatment programs
  • We work together to formulate a list of lower cost preferred medications specifically tailored to your facility’s patients
  • Installing a formulary helps ensure safety and efficacy are maintained, while keeping costs down

Therapeutic Interchange

  • Our therapeutic interchange saves facility’s thousands of dollars every month!
  • We automatically replace the more expensive drug ordered with equally effective but less expensive medication

Consulting Pharmacists: Dedicated to helping save your facility money, while providing unsurpassed patient care.

  • Our consultant pharmacist’s scrutinize each order for cost-effective alternative therapies and recommend the discontinuation of unnecessary medication
  • Fall Prevention Program – prevent costly falls and fractures before they happen
    • Medication reviews target discontinuing high-risk drugs
    • Post-fall reviews examine potential causes, helping prevent reduce future falls
  • Our consultants utilize RxPertise™ consulting software to help reduce costs further
    • Billing reports help you keep track of pharmacy spending
    • Improved Physician Response saves you time and money