Increase you efficiency with QuickMAR!

No monthly change-over and a punctual med-pass may have been a dream in the past, but not with QuickMAR!

A more efficient med-pass allows your staff more time to provide quality medication administration, elevating patient care while significantly reducing or eliminating medication errors.

This excess “free” time gives your staff more opportunities to accomplish other important tasks, possibly increasing the number of admissions you could take in daily!

Johnson’s Pharmaceutical Services is proud to offer you the top name in electronic medication administration records, QuickMAR. QuickMAR is a state-of-the-art, web-based eMAR program which improves the overall efficiency of the med-pass.   QuickMAR updates in real-time with Johnson’s Pharmacy, providing critical information as soon as orders change, while providing on the go reordering of medications and supplies!   It’s another way that Johnson’s can help save you time and money.

With Quick MAR’s advanced features, your management team will experience numerous administrative benefits in addition to the streamlined med-pass.

Monitor your staff’s med-pass progress remotely anywhere you have internet connection, even from home or on vacation!

Run detailed reports to; spot medications missed or given outside the schedule window, identify PRN’s lacking follow-ups, and print easy to read MARS or current Physician Orders when needed.

Johnson’s experienced clinical staff will enter all medication orders for you, saving you precious resources while providing a professional check, which other e-MAR’s and pharmacies do not offer.   The best part is that Johnson’s Pharmacy offers this at no additional cost to you!  We provide all the software, training, med-carts, mounting equipment, bar code scanners, and support free of charge.

Additional benefits from QuickMAR:

Reduce Med Errors

  • Meds appear only at the time they are due
  • Alerts remind you of missed doses
  • Bar code scanning technology ensures the right meds are chosen

QuickMAR guides you through the med-pass

  • Meds appear only when due
  • Instructions are easy to read
  • Visual cues to identify which residents are completed, prevent double-dosing

Communicate Changes Easily

  • Schedule upcoming med changes, they appear or disappear on schedule
  • Recent changes are flagged in the med-pass
  • Gatekeeper feature requires your staff to acknowledge order changes
  • Changes come automatically from Johnson’s Pharmacy every 30 seconds

Save time—up to 50% on large med-passes

  • Bar codes and scanner let you quickly pick the right meds
  • Record results in just a few clicks
  • Exceptions noted with one click
  • PRNs recorded easily
  • Track and record scheduled treatments, such as dressing changes
  • Track and record vitals, like daily blood sugar, or weekly weights
  • Display informational orders (aka, standing, or ancillary, orders) during the med-pass
  • Diagnosis and allergies are visible during the med-pass
  • Inventory Count
    • QM counts your controlled drugs. Reconcile drug count at every shift change
  • One touch reorder
    • Send a reorder request through QuickMAR to your pharmacy partner Med Disposal
  • Use your bar code scanner.
    • Quickly record when drugs leave your building or are otherwise disposed of

eMAR from Accuflo also available! Please call for more information.

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